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Railway Power Supply Systems

The researcher will be involved in research and development projects and studies related to railway power supply systems. Many projects focus on improving energy efficiency by optimizing the design of the railway electric infrastructure, including devices such as ESS (Energy Storage Systems) or reversible substations to make use of the energy from regenerative braking. This work will be carried out in close collaboration with companies in the railway sector. Detailed simulation models of train motion and railway power systems (load flow) will be used and developed. Artificial intelligence and optimization techniques will be applied.

It offers:
Annual full-time contract for the development of projects. Besides, the Research Assistant could take training activities. This modality allows the Research Assistant to establish a very close professional relationship with the companies with which he/she collaborates, thus nourishing his/her research with the experience accumulated during the projects. Although this modality does not necessarily require enrolling in any program, the Research Assistant can apply for a PhD after the first two years. The Research Assistant is hired each year for a maximum period of 6. If he or she is not enrolled in a PhD program the contract cannot exceed two years. The gross salary of the first year is € 24.410 for 2020. In addition, the IIT covers 90% of the cost of training activities and the Research Assistant will have access to all the services offered by the University (Sports, Cultural Activities, Library, etc.).

The candidate should have a master’s degree. Having a good academic report, as well as the candidate’s knowledge on programming will also be considered in the assessment of candidate merits. Excellent spoken and written English.

Curriculum vitae, academic record, cover letter and two recommendation letters.

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