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Electricity distribution network models and analysis of the impact of distributed energy resources

The researcher will participate in research projects related to the electricity sector. The main line of the working group is the modeling of the distribution electricity networks and the analysis of the impact of distributed energy resources (e.g. electric vehicle, distributed generation, storage, demand response, etc.). These works are carried out in collaboration with renowned international institutions. Thanks to the work done, the researcher will acquire and put into practice knowledge related to the electricity sector and distribution networks. To carry out this work, models are used to simulate the planning and operation of these networks.

It offers: Annual full-time contract for the development of projects. In addition, training activities may be carried out. This modality allows the researcher in training to establish a very close professional relationship with the companies with which he collaborates. There will be the possibility of accessing a pre-doctoral contract. In that case, the researcher in training is hired each year for a maximum total period of six years. The gross salary of the first year is € 24,216.62 for the year 2019. Additionally, the IIT covers 90% of the rates of the training activities and will have access to all the services offered by the University (Sports, Cultural Activities, Library, etc.).

Requirements: The candidate must have a master's degree in engineering and be able to express themselves correctly in English both orally and in writing. Knowledge of Spanish is not required, but will also be positively evaluated. The master degree in industrial engineering specializing in electricity will be positively evaluated. The academic record corresponding to the degree provided will also be assessed, as well as knowledge about the electrical sector and programming.

Documents: Certificate of the relevant academic degree and master's degree, official academic record of this degree, Curriculum Vitae, Letter of Presentation and Motivation, Two Letters of Recommendation, Certificates of knowledge of English and Spanish Languages (optional).

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