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Title: Renewable electricity supply interactions with conventional power generation, networks and demand
Authors: T. Gómez E. Lobato L. Olmos P. Frías R. Cossent
Dates: January 2007 - July 2009
Contractor: Comisión Europea
Other participants: Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medici, Institut fuer Solare Energieversorgungstechnik e.V, Red Eléctrica de España S.A., Forskningscenter RISO
Research topics: *Green energy integration
*Energy markets design and regulation
*Analysis of sustainable energy policies
Description: The growing amount of RES-E and DG supply affects the electricity system, and could only be economically efficiently integrated if it provokes economically efficient, market-based responses by different stakeholders. The RESPOND project aims at identifying efficient market response options that actively contribute to an efficient integration of (intermittent) RES-E and DG in the European electricity system and it recommends policy and regulation framework improvements that effectively support these market response options. The RESPOND project puts emphasis on the market side of the electricity system. Efficient response options that (may) arise from the market form the basis on which policy on RES-E and DG should be based. It specifically considers the interactions between different segments of the electricity system: generation, demand, trade, and the networks. The electricity system is a «complex network» in which the constituent segments dynamically interact with each other.
Short name: RESPOND
Technical reports: E. Lobato, L. Olmos, T. Gómez, F.M. Andersen, P.E. Grohnheit, P. Mancarella, P. Pudjianto, F. Van Oostvoorn, A. Van der Welle, "Regulatory and other barriers in the implementation of response options to reduce impacts from variable RES sources". Project: RESPOND / WP4 / D6. Funded by Comisión Europea whitin "Intelligent Energy-Europe (IEE)". Jan/2009.
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F.M. Andersen, P.E. Grohnheit, P. Mancarella, P. Pudjianto, G. Strbac, L. Olmos, T. Gómez, E. Lobato, "Recommendation of policy and regulatory options - for facilitating large shares of intermittent RES into the power supply system". Project: RESPOND / WP5 / D7. Funded by Comisión Europea whitin "Intelligent Energy-Europe (IEE)". Jul/2009.
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