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Intelligent Systems Research Group
Área de Sistemas Inteligentes (ASI)
Forecasting and Data Mining

Research topics related with Forecasting and Data Mining

  • Analysis and design of bidding strategies in electricity markets
  • Electricity price forecasting
  • Gas and electricity demand forecasting
  • Wind power forecasting
Energy has always been one of the most active areas in analysis and forecasting due to its major role for the effective and economic operation of power systems. Electricity demand forecasters are at the core of many operational processes, including power system planning, scheduling and control. In the competitive framework, load forecasts are additionally used by market agents as a reference variable for strategic bidding. Furthermore, in many countries wind power forecasting has become a very useful and indispensable tool for system operators and market agents in order to cope with the volatility in wind power generation. Finally, market participants need to develop efficient tools to obtain accurate energy spot price forecasts in order to hedge against the intense risk exposure existing in current energy markets. Thus, the energy sector has stimulated our research in real problems where data analysis and estimation is required. In particular, we have developed short-term as well as medium-term forecasting models for these challenging variables, where classic and novel approaches such as statistical and Artificial Intelligence based techniques are properly combined.

Projects related with Forecasting and Data Mining

 98 projects

Conference Papers related with Forecasting and Data Mining

 86 publications

Journal Publications related with Forecasting and Data Mining

 55 publications

Books and Book chapters related with Forecasting and Data Mining

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